Thursday, 25 April 2013

Revlon Colorstay Foundation "New Formula with PUMP" [Review]

Hello beauties, hope you're having a fantastic day!

Today I'm going to be reviewing the latest product that has hit the Australian shores and that is...

Revlon Colorstay Foundation (for combo/oily skin) 

now repackaged with a PUMP and a "new formula"

150 Buff
RRP $34.95

I'm sure all of you are quite familiar with the famous Revlon Colorstay foundation, known for it's high-coverage, lasting power and flawless finish. The only con was - no pump.

Revlon has heard the many cries of women everywhere and have added a PUMP! Hooray!
The other difference was, they claimed there was a "new formula" too. Uh oh.

Well, I'm here today to offer you my thoughts on this "new formula" and the foundation in general.

look at that smexy pump
First of all, I LOVE the pump. It doesn't squirt out too much product and it hasn't jammed up on me.

The shades is a good match for my NC20 skintone too. 

Now what about the new formula?

It has a slightly thick consistency. I say "slightly" because it's not super thick and I feel one of the differences between this and the original is that it is thinner in consistency and easier to blend. This also means that it doesn't dry super fast (a problem with the original) and gives you time to work with it.

It is scentless (to my senses anyway) and it still has it's original matte finish

Moving onto the most important part... has the COVERAGE changed?



I believe this foundation still has good, medium coverage but it's matte finish means if you layer it too much, it can look a bit cakey. As you can see in the photo, it's already making my skin look dry. Pretty great at hiding my acne scars though!

I feel like this new formula doesn't feel as heavy and thick on the skin, which is a plus.

Here's another AFTER shot in different lighting:

Did this foundation break me out? 
I broke out a little but that's not surprising with  Revlon Colorstay. I have uber sensitive skin so if you don't have sensitive skin, you should be fine. 

In conclusion (I sound like I'm writing an english essay lol), 
I would recommend this to people with not-so-sensitive skin and who require medium coverage.

Overall rating: 3.5/5

What did you think about the newly repackaged Revlon Colorstay?



  1. Oh no that sucks that they changed the formula! So many people I know rely on that foundation! I myself am currently trying to use up an old jar, but knowing this I think I may savor it a bit more now!

  2. I've actually never used the Revlon Colorstay even though it's such a cult favourite. My skin has cleared up so much in the last few years so I really try to stick to less heavy foundations these days. It's disappointing that it didn't really provide enough coverage for you!

  3. That sucks that it didn't work so well for you! I managed to snag one of the old bottles for only $10 but I'm yet to really try it out, but so far I like it.

    x Tashi

  4. Stumbled upon your blog. Revlon Colorstay Foundation works for me, but at times my face can get pretty oily after 2 hours. Overall, I still love this product. But anyway, lovely blog!

    Shikin Kikin |

  5. I've actually been using this and love it! A shame you didn't think too much of it :(
    Question Sheri, how do you apply your foundation? I find that sometimes applying it differently can get a better effect?

    1. I think my main issue is that I have too many acne/scarring going on that not many foundations can cover it.

      I use my RT buffing brush and I've tried buffing and patting motions. They work, but the coverage still isn't enough for me.

      Glad to hear you love it though! :)

    2. Hmm that's a shame. Hopefully you find something that works for you :)

  6. I never even got to try to original! Aw such a shame! Oh well, I'm just hanging on for Revlon's BB cream to hit Australian stores.

  7. It's insane that Revlon don't think of making the ColorStay foundation with a pump in the first place, as it is much more practical and convenient! The new formula sounded great in writing but how disappointing that the coverage wasn't as heavy as you liked. I hope you can somehow make it work though, as you have one whole bottle of it left to use :P

  8. Oh no! Here I am thinking that the pump was amazing and then u say the formula is no good. That's a shame!

  9. I've not tried the original ColorStay foundation but I've heard good things about the coverage and lasting power. Sorry to hear this new formulation didn't live up to your expectations! At least it came with a pump ... but it would've been better had the coverage and application been more to your needs.

  10. Thats really annoying :\ I just bought the original (aka the one without the pump) because it was on clearance so I jumped at the opportunity to try it because it was $13, and I love it! But to hear that the formula has noticeably changed is sad. -_-

  11. I really want to repurchase the colour stay but not really sure which one to because its just so expensive!

  12. we havent tried any of the colourstay foundations yet but have heard great reviews! but its sad to hear that their formula has changed for the worse :(

  13. I've been so keen to try this foundation but non of the shades suit me :(

  14. Oh, such a shame that it didn't work that well for you!
    I used to use ColorStay a long while ago but it broke me out, I found it a bit too thick for my skin!

  15. It's fantastic! *___*
    I wanna buy it!

  16. Its so dissapointing!! Where i live they even stopped selling the ones for combo/oily skin! I honestly dont know what to do with my life! Plus the shades look waaay darker than they used to be!!! Wtf is happening they ruined my all time fav fojndation! Now i need to find a dupe for it any ideas?

  17. Its so dissapointing!! Where i live they even stopped selling the ones for combo/oily skin! I honestly dont know what to do with my life! Plus the shades look waaay darker than they used to be!!! Wtf is happening they ruined my all time fav fojndation! Now i need to find a dupe for it any ideas?

    1. What about the maybelline superstay foundation? It has great coverage and a matte finish too :)

  18. I actually got on really well with this foundation but then I don't really have sensitive skin so for my normal skin this is perfect and just as good as more expensive foundations which is always a bonus! for a shade recommendation though I really like ps beauty foundation finder its good if you can only shop online or the testers are dirty.. xx

  19. i hate this new product it absolutely sucks! i have been using Revlon foundation and counting on it since i was 16 which is about 10 years this new pump is more like a "mineral foundation" it used to be a great long lasting 15 hour formula now within half a day its faded or become patchy and ive tried 2 bottles now at $40 each a total of $80 bucks thinking maybe its me? cos the formula has changed ALOT! which is strange it could change that much...i think ill be never using this again. Really disappointing

  20. I really didn't like the original revlon colorstay it dried out my skin so bad, I did a short review on my blog


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